About Jikani

In 2012 a group of community minded people identified a serious need in the Hogsback area for an upliftment of all Hogsback residents. Their main objectives became to work towards community building, social cohesion and skills development and so, Jikani was born.

These people have taken a brave step to bring life skills to those who have no realistic hope for the future; by developing a transformation and upliftment centre. The main goals of the centre are the following:

  • Providing employment liaison for the locally unemployed.

  • Increasing the level and scope of marketable skills in the community by training in various fields of activity.

  • Providing encouragement and practical support for local entrepreneurs and micro enterprises.

  • Channelling resources where they can best be used.

  • Upliftment of those who have little hope for the future.

  • Working together as colleagues to promote mutual respect and cohesion.

This project is vital, as it is a conscious effort by committed community members, to bring together those who at present have little prospect of a better life. It will also serve as a pilot project for many communities elsewhere if successfully supported.


To date Jikani and its dedicated members have been working tirelessly to make this much needed project a success.

Below is an account of what so far has been achieved:

  • Turned previous bottle store into shop, office and workroom

  • Operated charity shop for 2 years, employing 2 women on a part time basis

  • Property purchased by a generous donor to accommodate the Jikani project indefinitely

  • Hired a full time administrator

  • Set up infrastructure for IT skills classes, beading and sewing projects

  • Created an employment bureau

  • Provided support and guidance for the establishment of Malikanye pre-school

  • Provided support and community liaison for Engineers without Borders

  • Hold annual fundraising events

  • Hold an Annual General Meeting

  • Started an Eco-brick project promoting a plastic free Hogsback

  • Hosted three Dependable Strengths – Job Magnet workshop

  • Supported three people to train as Dependable Strengths facilitators

  • Built and equipped a computer training centre

  • Teach a weekly IT lesson for the Grade 7’s at Crabbush Primary School

These efforts have been achieved by a responsible Board of control and with unbelievable charitable local support.