Jikani starts Incubator with Amathole Recycling Co-Operative

Jikani is proud to announce that our recently formed Incubator has started to support our first local co-operative. The Amathole Recycling co-operative supports waste collection and separation from the local Hogsback area. In order to become self-sustainable financially, it will also be producing South Africa’s best compost in due course. Collection activities are currently underway for carbon (garden refuse), nitrogen (animal manures), potassium (ash, bone meal etc.) as well as other secret ingredients such as bio-char etc.

The co-operative will be able to financially support around 6 members and their families going forward. In the truest sense of community participation, the local Bold Point community has offered a space for compost processing, alongside their own brick-making facilities, just outside of Hogsback.