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Open Day at Crabbush Primary School

Jikani was excited to be part of the Crabbush Primary School prize giving celebrations this year, as the Grade 7’s were the first class to participate in the IT skills classes held at Jikani.

Certificates were awarded to the learners for their participation and attendance. The classes are a basic introduction to IT skills and give the learners a base on which to grow their knowledge.

Jikani builds a computer training centre!

Jikani builds a computer training centre!

Thanks to generous donors Jikani has been able to create a comfortable and dedicated space in which learners can come and study. We have also been able to equip the centre with 6 new computer units using the Raspberry Pi system and will be offering Skillwise e-learning courses.

This is so exciting for the people of Hogsback and the surrounding areas; being able to use a computer is something that is generally taken for granted by most. Being able to offer bursaries and a chance for people to attain this knowledge, automatically provides a chance for people to advance.

A massive thank you to our generous donors, without you this wouldn’t have been possible!

Tine Kruger and Kai Weber and everyone that donated to their crowd funding page – you know who you are!

Integrity Control Systems – www.integritycontrol.co.za

Ellipsis Consulting – www.ellipsis.co.za

The Rolf Stephan Nussbaum Foundation

Securitronix assists with our Office services project

A massive shout out to Securitronix who have donated a multifunction printer. This is such a bonus for the people of Hogsback as Jikani will now be able to start the office services project offering printing and copying services.

Also for securing our building with cctv and lighting us up with solar powered security lights – thank you so much!

Jikanis Eco-brick project – Promoting a plastic free Hogsback

Jikanis Eco-brick project – Promoting a plastic free Hogsback

Taking inspiration from other projects from around the globe, Jikani is challenging the local community of Hogsback to fill 10, 000 plastic bottles with non-biodegradable plastics and polystyrene that would otherwise be a big problem to dispose of.

Eco Brick Project

The first focus will be building walls for the kraal on the Jikani property, so that a reading room can be created for all the children of Hogsback to enjoy.

Funding applications are currently underway to expand on the project and help with poverty alleviation; by paying R3 for a brick, the benefits of this initiative would be the following:

  • Anyone would have the means to make enough money to buy at least one meal a day;
  • encouraging earning with dignity and curbing begging.
  • People would be more aware of recycling and highlighting the responsible and creative way that recycled materials can be used.
  • Promoting a plastic free Hogsback.

Zandile – All smiles

Zandile was born without a nose bridge. She is one of a twin, and her sister, Zianda, has normal facial features. Her life had been made miserable at school due to hurtful, and insensitive remarks from friends and learners.

Zandile …

With the mediation of TV Schools, a UK based NGO, plus Jikani support and intervention, the two NGO ‘s approached Smile Foundation for reconstruction surgery.


Zianda, who is Zandile’s twin (wearing the red headband) also very specifically asked me (in her words) to “Please pass on our regards and many thanks to everyone who helped”.

Zandile said something along the same lines, but a bit more emotionally!

Zandile & Zianda

So everyone, THANKS!