Business & Community Incubator

Poverty and youth unemployment are two critical risk factors confronting the future of South Africa. Thus, we aim to support early childhood development, as well as develop youth entrepreneurs to create jobs. We have several vital and innovative businesses that can make a real difference to the region.

In this regard, we are urgently seeking funding and development partners to help create jobs, whilst protecting and conserving our natural environment and African heritage, where many well-known Apartheid struggle heroes attended school and University.

Our business and community incubator works specifically in the 3 valleys surrounding the Hogsback area i.e. Katberg, Tyume and Keiskammahoek valleys. We actively support sustainable business development and job creation in the following sectors:

  • Arts, Culture & Heritage;
  • Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources;
  • Economic & Community Development.

As a Jikani partner we ensure that:

  • All funding is fully utilised to develop our entrepreneurs;
  • Detailed quarterly reporting on all activities and performance is provided;
  • We align with and integrate into funder’s BEE supply chains wherever possible;
  • Our funder’s brand is positively represented in the area;
  • Funding is dedicated to support youth-centric businesses, to grow the future SA economy and help relieve poverty in the Eastern Cape.


Please contact us for further details on our incubator projects and how to get involved as a funding or development partner.