Jikani builds a computer training centre!

Thanks to generous donors Jikani has been able to create a comfortable and dedicated space in which learners can come and study. We have also been able to equip the centre with 6 new computer units using the Raspberry Pi system and will be offering Skillwise e-learning courses.

This is so exciting for the people of Hogsback and the surrounding areas; being able to use a computer is something that is generally taken for granted by most. Being able to offer bursaries and a chance for people to attain this knowledge, automatically provides a chance for people to advance.

A massive thank you to our generous donors, without you this wouldn’t have been possible!

Tine Kruger and Kai Weber and everyone that donated to their crowd funding page – you know who you are!

Integrity Control Systems – www.integritycontrol.co.za

Ellipsis Consulting – www.ellipsis.co.za

The Rolf Stephan Nussbaum Foundation

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