Jikanis Eco-brick project – Promoting a plastic free Hogsback

Taking inspiration from other projects from around the globe, Jikani is challenging the local community of Hogsback to fill 10, 000 plastic bottles with non-biodegradable plastics and polystyrene that would otherwise be a big problem to dispose of.

Eco Brick Project

The first focus will be building walls for the kraal on the Jikani property, so that a reading room can be created for all the children of Hogsback to enjoy.

Funding applications are currently underway to expand on the project and help with poverty alleviation; by paying R3 for a brick, the benefits of this initiative would be the following:

  • Anyone would have the means to make enough money to buy at least one meal a day;
  • encouraging earning with dignity and curbing begging.
  • People would be more aware of recycling and highlighting the responsible and creative way that recycled materials can be used.
  • Promoting a plastic free Hogsback.

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