Second Time Around charity shop

Second Time Around charity shop has become a firm favourite for a cross section of the community. The generous donations of clothes, household goods, electrical equipment and books enables even the poorest of people to clothe themselves and their children. The shop also provides an outlet for the local crafters to sell and showcase their crafts. The income from the shop provides part time employment for two ladies and covers the cost of electricity and expenses.

Look out for us on the Main road in Hogsback and come and support our community!

Jikanis Headquarters – Second Time Around

IT Skills Training

This project is now in it’s second year; a collaboration with Thyumie Schools Project (A local British NGO who work with the local schools in the Thyumie Valley to improve the standard of English and offer computer literacy classes) provided a trainer; a past learner of theirs to instruct a group of people keen to learn the basics of Word and Excel.

At present the classes are limited to being held during working hours, however there is a great demand for these classes to expand to after working hours and weekends.

Jikani has also committed to tutoring the Grade 7’s from Crabbush Primary School. The focus is to give young students an opportunity to interact with computers and educate them in the use of different programmes, whilst improving their English skills.

Siya – one of our original graduates – now our IT instructor!

Beading, sewing and knitting circles

The craft circles offer people a chance to learn new skills and a friendly environment in which to work. With the support of volunteers and donations of material, wood and other provisions; sewing lessons, beading lessons and the sharing and developing of ideas to make sell-able products, are made possible. The Jikani crafters are currently making a range of colourful shweshwe products including aprons, table runners and placemats, which are all available at the Second Time Around shop.

Our locally created crafts, which we hope will develop into micro enterprises creating income and job opportunities
Our locally created crafts

Employment Bureau and Citizens Advice centre

The aim of the employment bureau is to act as a liaison between the community and local employers and businesses. This has also proved an important instrument to communicate information and link people with the local projects and programmes looking for full time / casual staff.

Jikani staff also offer advice on anything from CV’s and job applications, to reading through and explaining complicated documents. Being able to offer general assistance to the people that need it has proved to be very important community service.

Linking the unemployed with job opportunities.
Linking the unemployed with job opportunities.

Dependable Strengths

Jikani recently partnered with the Dependable Strengths Foundation and was able to run 2 and 3 day Job Magnet workshops with a total of 18 participants successfully completing the training. The Job Magnet workshop focuses on training people to feel more in control of their futures and better prepare them for finding employment. 3 people were also trained as facilitators ensuring that the workshops can run on an ongoing basis.

The programme addresses a number of fundamentals such as: life skills development, developing team skills and empowerment of those lacking in confidence and self esteem by mobilising strengths and skills. These workshops can also be adapted to suit a number of requirements for any business or group. Should you be interested in the facilitators running a workshop for you and tailor making a programme to suit your requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jikani Dependable Strengths
Jikani Dependable Strengths

Eco-Brick project

Taking inspiration from other projects from around the globe, Jikani has challenged the local community of Hogsback to fill 10, 000 plastic bottles with non-biodegradable plastics and polystyrene that would otherwise be a big problem to dispose of. The first focus will be building walls for the kraal on the Jikani property, so that a reading room can be created.


The Skillwise computing e-learning program is designed for learners that have not made it to matric level, whose job prospects are low and have generally had no prior experience with computers.

Modules offered:

  • Basic concepts of information technology

  • Using basic computers

  • File management

  • Word processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Databases and presentations

  • Internet and email

Skillwise e-learning, offers learners a chance to study at their own pace and in their own time, whilst Jikani can offer a comfortable and supportive space to study. The programme requires about a 120 hours to complete and the cost is R500 per learner / R150 per module, per learner.

The programme is MICT Seta approved and graduates can earn up to 70 SAQA credits which can act as a gateway to many National Certificates.

This is a more structured and accredited programme offering learners a more flexible timetable in which to study; a move forward, and addresses the obstacles of the existing IT skills course that Jikani is presently conducting.

Jikani is committed to empowering and encouraging anyone that would like to broaden their knowledge by learning basic computer skills. This is especially crucial for school leavers and the youth trying to find employment or wanting to study further. Most of these young people do not have access to computers at home and rarely do the local schools have these facilities or offer lessons.

Jikani is able to offer these courses to anyone interested; this would be in a paying capacity. For candidates that qualify for bursaries, a ‘pay it forward’ element is part of the requirement; by providing a certain number of completed eco-bricks for the reading room project. This creates a win-win situation where recycling and alternative building methods are highlighted and the eco-brick project obtains much needed bricks.

Being able to use a computer is something that is generally taken for granted by most. Being able to offer bursaries and a chance for people to attain this knowledge automatically provides a chance for people to advance.

If you would like to sponsor a bursary for someone please contact us.

Future Projects planned

Jikani never likes to standstill and are constantly exploring new opportunities to create projects that provide upliftment and job opportunities. We have a few projects we are looking to get started – would you like to support one of them? Read on …


At present the shop, training rooms and office all operate from 1 building. This provides only limited space for training and limits the potential for the IT project and other skills development projects to grow.

It is the dream of Jikani to purchase 2 containers to be used to house the Second Time Around shop, integrating with the kraal so an attractive, consolidated space is created. This will leave the original building to be used as training rooms and be able to offer a dedicated quiet studious space in which learners can work.

Board members have been working closely with a local architect who is passionate to assist Jikani in improving the grounds and making the most use of the space for the multifarious functions Jikani performs. He has much experience in co-ordinating, upskilling and skills transference and is dedicated to working along side the work force that would be needed to remodel the basic containers into a functional space; providing another programme where upliftment and skills development will occur.

Quotes have been obtained and 1 container can be purchased, including delivery for R30,000 and refurbished for a further R20, 000.

A little can go a long way to making a difference in someones life. Should you wish to donate in some way to Jikani or require more information on the project please contact us.

Eco-brick project

Expanding on the existing eco-brick project, Jikani is looking for funding to be able to pay people for the completed bricks. It is estimated that 10, 000 bricks are needed to complete the walls of the kraal and a suggested price to pay would R3 per brick. The benefits of this initiative would be the following:

  • Anyone would have the means to make enough money to buy at least one meal a day; encouraging earning with dignity and curbing begging.
  • People would be more aware of recycling and highlighting the responsible and creative way that recycled materials can be used.
  • Promoting a plastic free Hogsback.

Dependable Strengths workshops

The aim of this project is to offer Dependable Strengths workshops using the local facilitators that were trained last year. These workshops focus on training people to feel more in control to influence their futures and better prepare them for finding employment by discovering their strengths and skills. This project totally in-lines itself to Jikani’s mandate of community building, social cohesion, skills development and alleviating the high levels of unemployment.

The average cost of the Dependable strengths workshops is R300 – R900 per participant (depending on the course that is being run) funding money would be spent on venue hire, meals, facilitators wages, printed materials and stationery.

Through research and requests there is a high demand for sewing and alteration services. The purchase of four basic sewing machines would provide income to people that already have the knowledge to use them by being able to offer sewing and mending services. The existing sewers would then be able to ‘pay it forward’ by sharing their knowledge and teaching other interested people in how to use the machines. This will provide people with an instant ‘cottage industry’ opportunity, making branded bags and material products to sell in the Second Time around shop.

Purchasing a brushcutter will not only save money on garden services but also provide employment for at least one person with the intention of expanding this service into a business opportunity.

Washing machine
The benefits of having a washing machine would mean that Jikani could launder the clothes that have been donated making them more desirable for resale. This could also be grown into a business opportunity.

If you would be interested in being involved or sponsoring one of our community projects please contact us.